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Members of PRS have been pyro-ops for Lucerne launches. q=amateur organization&hl=en&group=rec.models.rockets&rnum=7&selm=9507232133. [email protected] experimental rocket organization which experiments with amateur rockets both solid and liquid fueled, although mostly the latter.It is a very old organization by hobby standards with roots dating back to the '50s thus predating hobby rocketry in its current form.Had Northern California chapter run by Bill Colburn that disbanded.Developed RRS Beta rocket with Zn/S "Micrograin" propellant, can get to 10,000' From Carson, CA 90746 Internet: [email protected] Flies at MTA along with RRS (is PRS a chapter of RRS?) Unofficial altitude record with boosted dart to approx 280,000' w/IOS ---- Per Jerry Irvine rmr post 1/22/94 PRS is a mostly liquid focused group and thus is far less active, but is also responsible for influence on more independent projects than any other group.They also have some impressive avionics capabilities.Descendent of SCRS/GRS/RRS including some after-hours Aero Jet employees Currently owns the "Rocket Ranch" - Adobe Canyon Test Site Described in

Director is Linda Kenny-Sloan who can be reached at: Experimental Spacecraft Society 17701 South Avalon Blvd.

Korolev and friends eventually worked for the military and were also responsible not only for space vehicles but for MAN IN SPACE. Was shut down by the Military which desired that all rocketry be done by the military at which point they recruited the best and willing of the Vf R (von Braun et al) Here amateur activity progressed in a continuous fashion from primitive experiments to space vehicles. College at Kilgore, Texas (1958), and again at Louisiana Polytechnic Institute (now Louisiana Tech) at Ruston, Louisiana, (1959-'63), configured that way.

I was President of the American Amateur Rocket Society chapter at both places and founded both clubs.

[Bill thinks he is the "last member standing"] (From a Rocket: From: "Bill Bullock" bpbullock_at_LARIBAY.

NET Subject: Re: [AR] Clubs Sent: 9/10/2001 PM Doyle: As far as I know the last active chapter of the American Amateur Rocket Society was disbanded in May of 1964.

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