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"We knew you would want to break it in while she is still orgasmic." Millicent smiled and ran her hand lovingly over her sweet firm present. "Yes, Mistress Millicent." "Very good," Millicent replied and slipped a finger inside of Cynthia's tight ass. "I did not tell you to cum," the vampire scolded her and slapped the right butt cheek with her hand. I need to loosen you up a bit" Getting directly behind her, Millicent pushed her finger in deeper and wiggled it around. Every time she wiggled her butt, Millicent slapped her hard on the ass cheek, but that did not keep her orgasm at bay. "No, no," Millicent replied and ran a hand over the girl's smooth ass."I need to get it under control now." Taking the plug from Monica, she examined it a moment and turned to one of the tables along the wall for a dollop of lubricant.This only made Candy suck harder on Millicent's clit. Her own clit was being exquisitely tortured by the vibrator Monica was using on her. Candy didn't want to cum first; she wanted Mistress to cum, but Monica was ruthless.Millicent closed her eyes and settled into the sensations of being suckled by her girls. She knew how to use the vibrator on her aching clit.Pain and pleasure mingled when Millicent opened her pussy lips with the fingers of her left hand to a little extra abuse.

She waved her hand, and the girl on her right breast moved to lick her pussy clean. "All I want to see is her ass in front of me," she said grimly.

Millicent smiled as she made sure the plug was good and deep in her rectum.

The suede paddle was placed in her hand, but Millicent took a moment to study the upturned ass in front of her.

Two mouths sucking on her tits at the same time was very intoxicating, but not as wonderful as the one kneeling between her legs.

Candy kissed her pussy and then split it open with her tongue. To make things interesting, Millicent motioned for someone to fuck Candy while Candy ate her.

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