Christian dating a hindu

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Here are three things we do to keep the peace and grow together. At any even given month in our interfaith marriage, we practice various configurations of Christian-Hindu worship, but always with one common denominator: we attend services remind us of the cautionary tales of mixed-faith households, and the somber reality that the likelihood of interfaith marriages failing is greater than our same-faith counterparts.

We’ve discovered that shared worship is an integral part of staying together.

As we drew east-meets-west bridges, light bulbs went off. Campbell discovered that the more Americans got to know people of another faith, the more they liked them. Paul’s words of “unequally yoked” applied to spreading the “good news” and doing the work of the Gospel.

But for now, I am grateful for a new book celebrating one of the infinite possibilities for successful interfaith marriage.

42 percent of us are married to a partner of another denomination, faith tradition, or someone who practices no faith at all.

This couple is new and young, their interfaith journey just beginning.

Someday, I hope Dana and Fred will write a sequel on raising their (future) interfaith children.

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