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Birkerød and Holte stations are located on the Hillerød radial of the S-train network.

Both are served by the A trains and Holte station is also served by the E trains.

Has served as appointed expert for The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), and the Danish 2001, 20 research syntheses regarding organic farming and: 1) Groundwater protection, 2) Bioenergy, 3) Development and growth. , di Tomasi, P., Burand, B., Durand, P., Duretz, S., Els, N., Exbrayat, F., Famularu, D., Flechard, C., Frede, C., Frumeau, A., Henasen, A., Janku, K., Kraai, A., Magliulo, E., Pogány, A., Riddick, S., Sanz, A., Schlentner, G., Sutton, M., Proceedings of the i EMSs Fourth Biennial Meeting.

TDA has extensive international research management experiences as activity and WP leader in the EU-FP6 Integrated Project Nitro Europe (2007-2011), the Strategic Research Project on ‘TDA has been invited speaker in the context of OECD, IPCC/USDA, The Danish Government’s Committee for Nature & Environment, EUROSTAT, and EU research projects, -networks and centres of excellence.

As well, a deal signed by oil-producing OPEC nations in November seems to be sticking.

Rudersdal Municipality (Danish: Rudersdal Kommune) is a part suburban, part rural municipality (Danish, kommune) located on the northern outskirts of Copenhagen, Denmark.

As of 1 January 2015, 19,681 residents lived in neighbourhoods such as Holte and Søllerød that are part of Copenhagen's urban area, 20,191 lived in Birkerød, 12,491 lived in Hørsholm, 1,222 residents lived in Skodsborg, 606 residents lived in Ravnsnæs, 326 residents lived in Høsterkøb and 810 residents lived in rural zones.

It merged with Søllerød Municipality to form the new Rudersdal municipality.

This created a municipality with an area of 73 square kilometres (28 square miles) and a total population of 53,621 (2005).

The municipality covered an area of 34 square kilometres (13 square miles), and had a total population of 21,930 (2005).

As of 2007, it forms a part of Rudersdal Municipality On January 1, 2007 Birkerød municipality ceased to exist as the result of Kommunalreformen ("The Municipality Reform" of 2007).

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