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Every woman knows from bitter experience the hell of the changing room. You find the perfect dress, try it on and it looks sublime. Then you get home and look in your own mirror and discover it’s actually a disaster. You find the perfect dress, try it on and you look like a sack of spuds, flee in tears and head straight for a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. You’ll never know.‘Shops often use a “ring flash” where strip lighting creates a halo effect — much like you’d see in those old-fashioned make-up mirrors set with bulbs.

It gives a shadow-free reflection and an even complexion,’ she says.

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When light falls downwards onto, for example, the very slight curve of a stomach, it creates a dramatic shadow beneath, making Amanda look lumpy.

Though the cream colour of the wall slightly softens the glare, the dark grey curtain doesn’t help, as this absorbs rather than reflects light.

This would probably only be about £100, but a more expensive one with rose tinting — where a reddish mineral, selenium dioxide, is added to give a rosy glow — would cost more like £2,000 and make you look and feel like a million dollars.

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The cubicle was spacious and they had a ‘help’ button. As one of my male friends is fond of saying: ‘I wouldn’t chuck her back.’ This good-sized — 5ft 1in x 4ft 3in — oval-shaped and white changing room creates a reasonably natural reflection and a daylight-like feel.

The two whiteish strip lights set behind the mirror make another ring flash, banishing shadows and evening out complexion.

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