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Your son may develop a phenomenon called code switching as part of normal acquisition of his second language.Young bilingual children tend to insert single items from one language into the other, usually to clarify statements.As adults we find some languages easier to learn than others.For instance an English speaking adult would find learning German relatively easier than learning Japanese.

If your son is exposed to and encouraged to use both languages from now onwards it is likely he will go on to acquire both languages simultaneously.

Although it may not be typical in this country it is the norm for children in many parts of the world to grow up speaking two languages.

We know very little about how bilingual infants acquire their two languages and how adult bilinguals process and represent their two languages in the brain.

If the brain establishes its many neuronal connections by selecting those more frequently used, it is possible that bilinguals have a different pattern of connections in the language areas of the brain, when compared with monolinguals.

One point to bear in mind is that not all pairs of languages are equally similar.

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