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When you talk to someone every day things can get a bit repetitive so the stickers help when you feel you want to convey a feeling rather than word like sending a kiss or a hug.” Having recently moved in together after dating for two years, Mandy , 25, and Kate, 29, have found Wunderlist helpful as they navigate their new shared lives together.

The to-do list app allows you and another member of the app to create a shared list which the couple use for shopping.

We communicate with friends and family through Whatsapp and Facebook, sort out our finances on personal banking apps, largely carry out our jobs via email and other online arenas, and singles use dating apps as a platform for prospective partners.

So it is no surprise that matters in our relationships can now be sorted online too.

“Since moving in together it was hard to know what groceries we needed to buy and what had already been bought,” Mandy says.

“Wundurlist has actually enabled us to manage our money better as it makes sure we do not buy the same thing twice.” Splitwise keeps tracks of who is paying the bills and who owes each other what which can be handy especially if the couple is not married or living together Declan , 30, who has used the app in his relationship says.

Meet the couples who are using apps in their relationships.

This allows all of those people to view the group on Splitwise, and to add expenses of their own.

Splitwise also lets you add "non-group expenses" for items that don't deserve an entire group, like going to dinner with a few random friends.

“While it is probably more damaging to your relationships to add too much small stuff – for the bigger purchases it’s a great way to divide up responsibility,” he says.

After travelling Australia together earlier this year, Hannah, 24, and Ben, 26, found that the best app to share all the memories they captured was Photo Circle.

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