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If you have a Mac, just use Along with some other stuff that we won’t go over today.

If you do not have a PYTHONPATH set up yet you can simply copy the one above (lines 4 AND 5) into your file and replace the useless paths that I include for paths to where your python packages live.

If you install Ant this way you usually get the most recent release of Ant at the time the IDE was released.

Many Java applications, most particularly application servers, ship with a version of Ant.

These are primarily for internal use by the application, using the Java APIs to delegate tasks such as JSP page compilation to the Ant runtime.

If you prefer the source edition, you can download the source for the latest Ant release from

If you prefer the leading-edge code, you can access the code as it is being developed via git. All bug fixes will go in against the HEAD of the source tree, and the first response to many bugreps will be "have you tried the latest version".

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