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There's no way to generate real GUIDs in Javascript, because they depend on properties of the local computer that browsers do not expose.

You'll need to use OS-specific services like Active X: the RFC allows for UUIDs that are created from random numbers. Also, is the 0x10000 to 0x20000 just a hack to avoid having to deal with leading 0's? See Adam Hyland's excellent writeup on Math.random() for details.

With the amount of growth, it was a matter of time before it hit the United States…and guess what, it is here.

This app originated and has been growing in Saudi Arabia and Egypt with the biggest growth to date in India.

It would also depend on whether the user picking their own ID is going to cause vulnerabilities.

Either way, if it's a random number ID that's going into a table, I would probably be generating it server-side, so that I know I have control over the [email protected] Noakes - UUIDs aren't just a string of completely random #'s. The "y" marks where the uuid variant (field layout, basically) needs to be embedded.

App Review – Sarahah Threat Level – Very High Sarahah is an app developed by Zainalabdin Tawfiq.

If you haven't heard of this or seen anything about it, then get ready.

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